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Derakhshan Ghetesaze Sepahan Customer’s

Derakhshan Ghetesaze Sepahan Company, as the largest manufacturer of auto parts in the west of Isfahan, is proud to cooperate with reputable car companies in Iran, Khodro, Saipa, Niromharkeh and Mega Motor, as well as affiliated companies of Isaco and Sapco.

Production of engine parts, gearboxes and other accessories for domestic cars of the mentioned companies, includes a large part of the production portfolio of Derakhshan Sepahan Parts Company.

Derakhshan Ghetesaze Sepahan Company, in order to develop its product portfolio, has put cooperation with manufacturing companies in fields other than automobiles in its development perspective. In this regard, it has started cooperating with SNOWA and producing parts for home appliance products.

Derakhshan Sepahan Parts Company has also started producing home radiators with the company brand to present to domestic and foreign markets.

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