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beigining the Activity of Derakhshan Ghetesaze Sepahan

Derakhshan Ghetesaze Sepahan Manufacturing Company started its activity in 2000 in the field of production of auto parts in Isfahan province, Najafabad city and in order to cooperate with IranKhodro and Saipa companies.

Derakhshan Ghatesaze Sepahan Company, at the beginning of its activity, signed a contract with IranKhodro and Saipa car manufacturing companies in the field of production of engine parts and power transmission related to Nissan, Peugeot 405, Peugeot RD, Roa, Pride cars, including manifold, vase, carburetor and etc.

We will continue with strength and quality.



Rice and die casting

Derakhshan Ghetesaze Sepahan Company has provided the ability to produce more than 40 tons of aluminum parts per day by pressure casting method (die parts aluminum). Die-casting halls with more than twenty machines in tonnages between 100 and 2800 tons have a very good potential for producing aluminum parts with high circulation and variety. Equipping the above devices with automation systems for preparing smelting, processing and production of parts has created a suitable platform for the production of high quality and high sensitivity parts.



This unit benefits from capable and knowledgeable engineers and specialists and uses modern standards and technology in the fields of: “1. Design, simulation and manufacture of casting molds 2. Design and manufacture of special machining machines 3. Design and manufacture of special machining tools 4. Design and manufacture of production and control fixtures with high precision” is active in Derakhshan Sepahan Parts Company.



Derakhshan Sepahan Mechanical and Metallurgical Laboratories, equipped with modern dimensional measuring devices such as CMM machine, quantum meter, hardness tester, X-RAY machine and other measuring equipment, along with the experienced staff of quality assurance and quality control units, provide important support in guaranteeing And has created stability in the quality of its products.


Machining site

The machining halls of Derakhshan Sepahan Parts Manufacturing Company are equipped with various modern CNC machines and special machining machines that have the capacity of machining and preparing more than one million sets of parts annually.

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