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Niroo Moharekeh

Niromharkeh Industrial Company was established in 1985 in line with the macro policy of the Industrial Development and Renovation Organization of Iran based on the creation and development of advanced industries, especially single-cylinder gasoline engine engines, to attract modern technical knowledge for design, assembly and production of motorcycles. 50, 100 and 125 cc. In this regard, Niroo Mohrakeh Company provided its technical knowledge by purchasing documents from Piaggio Company, and based on this, the production of Bravo gas engine was launched in 1991 and entered the consumer market. At the same time, the assembly of Vespa motorcycles began. In 1373, the production of field sprayers and the production of four-stroke motorcycles took place.

The first car production of Niroo Mohrakeh Company was achieved due to the change of its mission and vision in 1372 and with the launch of the production line of Peykan gearbox gears. Presence in the production of auto parts in 1378 with the launch of the production line of cylinder and cylinder head of Peugeot 405, the launch of the production line of 405 gearbox in 1379 and the launch of the production lines of Peugeot RD and 206 gearboxes. And currently, the production of Peugeot 405 gearbox family, 206 gearbox family, Bardo gearbox and Roa gearbox is underway in Niroo Moharrakeh company. One of the product development programs of Niro Mohrakeh Company is the production of Pride gearbox gear sets in the year 1990.

Also, in 2005, a comprehensive scientific and applied center of Niromharkeh affiliated to Niroo Mohrakeh Industrial Company was established, which currently has over 2500 students in specialized industrial fields.

Geographically, Niroo Mohrakeh Industrial Company is located in Qazvin, Alborz Industrial City and is also the headquarters of Niroo Mohrakeh Industrial Company in Tehran.

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