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With more than 20 years of brilliant activity in the field of leadership of the largest network of auto parts and assemblies in the Middle East, Iran Khodro Design, Engineering and Parts Supply Company “Sapco” is proud to establish a “center” in order to achieve the valuable goal of “meeting the needs of society”. Conferences have earned the place of decision-makers, stakeholders and activists in the development and excellence of Islamic Iran.

The main activities of the center:

  • Holding provincial, national and international conferences, seminars and scientific and industrial conferences
  • Holding meetings, general assemblies and specialized gatherings
  • Organizing specialized and public exhibitions in open and indoor spaces
  • Organizing festivals and wars of joy and live music

Facilities and equipment of Sapco Conference Center:

  • Equipped meeting hall
  • Professional digital recording system
  • Advanced imaging system
  • Professional lighting system
  • Simultaneous display system
  • Simultaneous translation system
  • Dining halls and snack bar

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